• Foster family-school Collaborations

    Empower Foster Family Students to open up when faced with challenges

  • Empower parents to be active supporters
    of their children’s education

    Impact positively on the education goals of students

  • Impact positively on the
    education goals of students

    Empower Students to open up when faced with challenges

Welcome to Harness lives

The need for a school social work program in Ugandan schools is both pressing and compelling. Today, many children in Uganda face a wide range of challenges that can hinder their academic and personal development. These challenges may include poverty, trauma, abuse, and neglect, as well as social and emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems.

To address these challenges, Harness Lives Uganda (HLU), proposes to establish a school social work program in schools throughout the country. The goal of this program is to provide children with the support and services they need to overcome these challenges and reach their full potential.

School social workers are trained professionals who have the skills and expertise to support children and young people in a variety of ways. They can provide support and counseling to children, who are struggling with emotional or behavioral problems, work with schools and families to address issues that may be impacting negatively on a child’s well-being, and providing mentoring and support to help students build the skills they need to succeed in school and in life.

In addition, school social workers can play a crucial role in promoting equity and inclusion in schools. They can work with schools to promote an environment that is supportive of all students, regardless of their backgrounds and experiences, and help ensure that every child have access to the resources they need to succeed.

Overall, the establishment of a school social work program in Ugandan schools has the potential to make a significant and lasting impact on the lives of children and young people in the country. By providing children with the support they need to overcome life’s challenges and reach their full potential, Harness lives is working to create a bright future for children and young people in Uganda.


Foster family-school support

Empower Foster Family Students to open up when faced with challenges

Promote Education

The children are the future

Impact positively on the education goals of students

School Environment

Environment impacts well being

Positively impact school environment to support students, families and teachers achieve their goals.

About Harness Lives

What We Do

We provide psychosocial support to students, families and teachers. According to UNICEF, 2020, this helps to strengthen protective factors for the students, families and teachers, including their abilities to identify dangerous and risky situations.

How We Do It

Our social workers are placed in schools to offer continuous support to students, families and school staff. These social workers offer psychosocial support to our clients in schools who present with different challenges in life. We work with school administrators in order to develop strategies that best support a
learning environment which is both safe and welcoming for students, families and teachers

Why We Do It

We know that students in schools face a number of Social, Emotional, and Academic challenges as they try to adjust to school and social life. These challenges have a negative impact on the well being of these students in schools and therefore if not handled, they can potentially hinder students from achieving their goals in life.

Organization Goals

To foster inclusive and welcoming school environments that promote diversity, support student learning, and collaborate with schools, families, and with community service providers for excellent and equitable education.

  • Foster family-school Collaborations
  • Empower parents to be active supporters of their children’s education
  • Empower Students to open up when faced with challenges
  • Impact positively on the education goals of students
  • Positively impact school environment to support students, families and teachers achieve their goals.

Meet Our Team

Moses Katamba

CEO/Project Manager

Joel Ssegumba

Joel Ssegumba

Program Manager

Praise Ahabwe

Praise Ahabwe


Micheal Kawere

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Maria Nansubuga

Program Assistant

Godfrey Kayima

Finance Manager

Namirembe Prossy

Project Coordinator

Sssaku Regan

Assistant Coordinator

Our Programs

We prioritize the following key programs

Healthy and Ambitious Students

In this program, Harness Lives looks forward to achieving the following objectives that are grounded in Social Emotional Learning.

  • Self-awareness: We hope to help students understand their emotions, thoughts, and values and how they influence their and others' behavior in different contexts.
  • Self-management: Students who manage their emotions, and behaviors in different situations and be able to achieve their goals.
  • Social awareness: Individuals who understand the perspectives and feel with others, especially those from different backgrounds.
  • Relationship skills: Nurture individuals who can establish and maintain healthy, supportive relationships with others and effectively handle settings with diverse individuals and groups.
  • Responsible decision-making: Support individuals to make caring and constructive choices about personal behavior, and social interactions across diverse situations.

Happy and Proud Teachers HPT

Happy and Proud Teachers (HPT), goes beyond just creating a safe environment and promoting progressive punishment methods. We recognize the crucial role that positive student-teacher relationship plays in a students’ overall success and well-being.

We focus on building strong, supportive relationships between teachers and students by promoting open communication, understanding, and mutual respect. Our trainings will help teachers understand the importance of creating a positive learning environment that foster student motivation and engagement.

In addition, we will also emphasize the importance of differentiating instructions for students with diverse learning abilities and background. By working with teachers to create equitable learning strategies, we aim to provide students with the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Through our comprehensive program, we aim to empower teachers to be happy and proud of their work, knowing that they are making a positive impact in lives of their students. With strong student-teacher relationships at the forefront of our program, we believe that Harness Lives Uganda: Happy and Proud Teachers (HPT) will be a valuable resource for improving the quality of Education in Uganda.

Strong and Confident Families SCF

Strong and Confident Families (SCF), focuses on the crucial role of school-family engagement, parent involvement, and family-school communication in a student’s education and well-being.

We believe that by promoting open and effective communication between families and schools, we can help create a supportive and empowering environment for both students and parents. Our team will work with schools and families to develop collaborative strategies that prioritize mutual respect, feedback, and information sharing.

In addition, we will provide families with the support they need to better understand and advocate for their children’s education. This includes offering family-centered support, training and information on responsible parenting, relationship building with children, coping strategies for stress and anxiety, discipline and punishment, and other important topics.

As part of our commitment to families, we will also serve as a link between families and community resources, offering referrals and information to educational sponsorships and community service agencies.

Our goal is to empower families to play an active role in their children’s education and support them in achieving their academic and personal goals. By offering ideas and resources to parents, we hope to create strong and confident families that are well equipped to support their children’s growth and success.

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